While heritage in Rajasthan is synonymous with its monument sofyester years,its glorious performing arts and a some what exaggerated styleoffelicitation; what most touris tbrochures fail to capture are the distinctive folkstories, poems, songs and other my riadreflection softhepeople of the State. To this end, the Desert Leaf Foundation is committed to initiating a discourseonthesocial, cultural and educational frontiers of the State of Rajasthan, beginning with our homecity of Jodhpur. Like a green leafs prouts in the most unexpected of circumstances, sowe wish that the Desert Leaf Foundation will spade into thes, oxygen ate it and so wtheseeds for a better tomorrow. Kitaabo is the first initiative of the Foundation.

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Kitaabo 2019

17-19 December, 2019

Vidyashram International School Jodhpur

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desert leaf foundation